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  • A large, usually unpartitioned floor over a factory, warehouse, or other commercial or industrial space.
  • Such a floor converted into an apartment or artist’s studio.
Demi Moore’s loft in “Ghost”

The word “Loft” has shifted meaning over the years. It used to adhere to the standard, textbook definition above. But in the 1990s, developers started building “lofts.”

But whether it’s an industrial rehab or new construction, nowadays “loft” is a loose way of saying: “This place is very, very hip.” Yet despite it’s “hipness”, lofts can sometime be challenging to decorate. Wide open floor plans make it challenging to define individual spaces,  and cold, industrial elements can make it hard to create a homey environment.

When you land your dream loft, keep these decorating tips in mind:

  • Defining the Space: Start by walking around your loft to find the best spot for the living area, sleeping space and dining room. The living area should have a room with a view, so arrange your sofa where you will be able to take full advantage of the scenery. However, for your bedroom you probably want to choose an area that has a little less sunlight so as not to disturb your beauty sleep.
  • Choosing a Style: Most lofts lend themselves to a more contemporary or modern style of décor, with sleek lines and smooth surfaces. However, you can soften the look of the space by combing traditional antiques with modern furniture or by placing plants or other natural elements throughout the loft.
  • Choosing a Color Palette: A common color scheme in decorating a loft is neutral, with hues of beige, taupe and white throughout. Since most lofts are made up of one large, uninterrupted space, it’s usually best to stick with a single color palette. But don’t be afraid to go bold with an accent wall or wall art!
  • Dealing with High Ceilings: Ceilings in lofts tend to be high, and usually feature exposed ductwork and beams. To visually lower the ceiling and camouflage some unwanted features, consider painting the ceiling a darker color like a rich brown or even black. You can also add architectural elements like crown molding to bring the ceiling height down.

Here are some of our favorite loft finds from throughout the web:

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