Friday Finds: Hirshfield’s Color Club

Since 2007 Hirshfield’s has offered their customers the luxury of storing and tracking their paint information. All YOU have to do is join Hirshfield’s Color Club.

What’s the Color Club all about?

Personal Archived Color History. We’ll keep track of all your paint color selections, including custom color formulations and stain color formulas. The product you used. The color. The sheen. Even the room. You never need to save another old paint can. You’ll always have a record at Hirshfield’s Decorating Centers. Tomorrow or ten years from now. Just visit any Hirshfield’s location. The color you used is right at our fingertips.

Color Club members receive:

  • Monthly e-mail newsletters on decorating ideas, color trends, sales and more.
  • Advance e-mail notices of sales and new products. Color Club “for members only” special offers change on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Color Club members are first to receive invitations to in-store design events.
  • Color Club rates on tuition at the Minneapolis Institute of Fine Finishes.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Color Club members do not have to carry a Color Club card, as we access information by a phone number or name.
  • Hirshfield’s sends out 2-3 Color Club e-mails a month…really.
  • Hirshfield’s does not share your personal information.
  • Check your spam folder if you have a Color Club account and have not been receiving our e-mails.
  • Contact Mrh@hirshfields.com or your local Hirshfields store if your e-mail address needs updating.
  • If you sign up for the Color Club newsletter on our website, you will receive the e-mails, but you’ll still have to sign up in the store to take advantage of the special offers.
Not a Color Club member? JOIN TODAY at your neighborhood Hirshfield’s store. It’s FREE.

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