Friday Finds: Easy Decorating Tips for the Holidays


6 Ways to Warm Up Your Home for the Holidays

Holiday gatherings and parties with family and friends are a sure way to warm up even the coldest winter nights in the Midwest. And, for a host, it can also mean an opportunity to highlight your creative side. Decorating for the holidays can be a fun way to express your personality as well as embrace the season.

With the holidays fast approaching, here are 7 easy decorating tips for the holidays.


Luminary Walkway

Provide a warm welcome to your guests with simple luminaries lined along your walkway. Partially fill small white paper bags with sand (to keep them from blowing away), add a tea light or LED candle, and line along your walk or deck.

Luminary-Lined Walk by Honey Living


Let Your Guests Write On The Wall!

For a simple DIY project, transform a section of  kitchen wall area into a dry erase board or chalkboard and encourage guests and family to leave comments about what the holidays mean to them. Another idea is to welcome guests with your own holiday greeting.

Diane Keaton chalkboard wall
Photo by Nick Reid


Use Fresh Fruit

Clementines, pears and cranberries add natural color to any centerpiece. For quick and easy home decor, add fresh cranberries to clear glass vases, wine glasses or bowls. Add fresh sprigs of spruce for an extra dose of holiday spirit.

Decorating with fruit


Get Creative With Table Ornaments

Embrace the holidays and fill a bowl with shiny silver or gold ornaments. They’ll add sparkle and add pizzazz to any space.

Christmas ornaments
212 Concept


Let There Be Light

Have you tried battery operated candles? Create a warm ambience throughout your home without the worry of real candles. Bachman’s has grouped them together in the fireplace and on the mantel adding a cozy glow to the Holiday Ideas House 2014. Hirshfield’s Design Studio carries the “dancing flame” candles complete with a remote control.

Bachman's Holiday Ideas House 2014
Bachman’s Holiday Ideas House 2014


Holiday Scents

The nose knows it’s the holidays when you add a stick of cinnamon and a few drops of vanilla to a pot of water and let simmer on the stove. You’ll instantly feel the holidays in the air!

The holidays are time to embrace family and friends. Bring out the photographs, nostalgic toys and classic games, and enjoy your time together!

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