Friday Finds: Benjamin Moore Color Stories


A Heightened Color Aesthetic

A stunning range of color characteristics come to life in this sophisticated collection of 240 colors!

Each of the 240 colors of Aura Color Stories is influenced by the light in a room, highlighting subtle undertones and color characteristics. Unlike conventional paint formulas, the Color Stories palette includes more than the traditional combination of three pigments; Color Stories incorporates five to seven pigments in each color. Color Stories also does not use any tints of gray or black. These colors have a greater clarity, purity and are richer than conventional colors because they are formulated with more pigments in very precise, exacting amounts.

The colors in this palette are best appreciated once the paint is applied and dried. They create depth, overtones, nuance and luminosity not found in ordinary paints. Lighting especially interacts with Color Stories colors  – natural morning light will affect it one way, artificial or indirect light another, causing the color to take on different characteristics and appearances throughout the day.

Because of these color shifts it is recommended that you test the actual paint color during various lighting conditions.


Arctic Seal CSP-15


Green Hydrangea CSP-850


Color Stories paints are available in pint samples, quarts and gallons of Aura paint. Aura® is the only Benjamin Moore product that Color Stories paints can be mixed in; the superior formula of Aura® is able to support the pigment load of the Color Stories colors. Aura® is a low-VOC paint and the pigments are zero-VOC so there will be virtually no odor when you’re painting.

Hirshfield’s in Edina is the only location carrying the Color Stories chip rack and sample pints —  you can order Color Stories at any Hirshfield’s store.

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