Four Things You Need to Know About Minnesota PaintCare

woman with recycled paint cans

Have you ever noticed the fee that’s tacked on to your receipt when you buy paint in Minnesota? That is the PaintCare fee — ranging from 49 cents up to $1.99, depending on the size of the container. PaintCare is a program for recycling stains, topcoats, or house paint that has been funded by that fee in Minnesota since November 1, 2014. So, what do you get for your money? Here is what you need to know about PaintCare:

Recycling paint is free.

That fee you paid when you purchased your paint isn’t a deposit — you don’t get it back, but  it applies to much more than the paint you just bought. Those fees keep the program running. But you can drop off any household paint, even if it’s been sitting in your basement for thirty years.

PaintCare accepts architectural paint products.

That includes house paint, primers, stains, sealers, clear coats, shellac, lacquer, and varnish.

It does not include spray or aerosol paint, solvents, or non-architectural (industrial or car) products. For the full list, see the PaintCare website.

Products must be in their original containers.

Open containers are not accepted. Products also need to have the original printed label on their container.

Which Hirshfield’s stores are drop-off sites?

Hirshfield’s Wayzata is the only store that DOES NOT participate in Minnesota PaintCare. The PaintCare program lets you return up to five gallons of paint during each visit.


The primary goals of the PaintCare Stewardship program are to decrease paint waste and recycle more post-consumer paint by setting up convenient drop-off sites in the state.

The program is intended to help businesses and individuals reduce, reuse and recycle paint products in Minnesota.

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