Farrow & Ball Introduces Metallic Wallpaper Designs

Metallic wallpaper by Farrow & Ball
Metallic wallpaper from Farrow & Ball
Two new metallic colorways give Enigma even more dramatic allure, with gold paint that glimmers against a deep background of Paean Black for a luxurious Art Deco feel, and a gilver print that forms a playful pair with India Yellow.


What’s new with Farrow & Ball?

Farrow & Ball adds a touch more glamour and drama to nine of their “best-loved” designs with a layer of metallic:  gold, silver, copper and gilver (a mix of gold and silver).

Lonny quotes the head of creative at Farrow & Ball, Charlotte Crosby, “We are seeing more people opt for bolder color in their homes, as they shift away from more traditional neutrals in favor of something richer and more dramatic.” F&B wallpapers already make a dramatic statement in any room, whether it’s a bold pattern or amazing color, and enhancing the papers with a metallic element turns the glam up a notch. Who doesn’t need a touch more gilver in their life?

Did you know…

1. Farrow & Ball wallpaper is printed with Farrow & Ball paint, helping you to create an effortlessly cohesive scheme with paint and paper.

2. Seventeen of the new metallic designs use the nine new Farrow & Ball paint colors released in 2018.

3. Created using their eco-friendly, water based paint and fully recyclable paper from sustainable forests, Farrow & Ball wallpapers are always the greener option.

4. Each roll is finished with a fine layer of specially formulated glaze, ensuring your paper is wipeable, stain-proof, and as durable as it is beautiful.


Farrow & Ball Bamboo wallpaper
For their new metallic collection, Bamboo’s elegant tapered leaves and flourishing stems are reimagined in burnished gold and combined with new shades Sulking Room Pink and Paean Black, adding a touch of luxury and drama.


Metallic wallpaper by Farrow & Ball
Until now, the popular Lotus papers have always been printed with a flatbed block, which makes their addition to their metallic wallpaper collection extra special. To achieve a beautifully crisp finish on each of Lotus’ sinuous curves, F&B expert craftsmen have specially hand-engraved a new roller block to apply gold, silver, gilver (a mix of gold and silver) and copper paint to each roll.


Gable Wallcoverings by Farrow & Ball
Gable papers are playful, pastoral and utterly charming. Depicting traditional village and farmyard scenes with clean, modern styling, each roll is studded with little details that spark the imagination, taking on added character as you look.


Farrow & Ball wallpaper Ringwold
In two new colorways, Ringwold’s rambling stems are printed with gold and gilver (a mix of gold and silver), giving the impression of metallic thread running through a tapestry, while the two-toned pattern adds exquisite depth to background colours of Green Smoke and a bespoke red specially formulated for this paper.


Tessella wallpaper pattern
Contemporary and confident, Tessella makes a wonderful feature wall, although it’s sure to be the object of admiring glances wherever it hangs. Its clean lines make a bold statement, but on closer examination it’s the slightly raised texture, a result of our traditional printing method, that really brings it to life.


Tourbillon wallpaper by Farrow & Ball
Tourbillon’s new metallic colorways are printed with gold and gilver (a mix of gold and silver), this popular pattern is punctuated with shimmering strands that catch the changing light, creating the impression of joyful movement against backdrops of Treron and Paean Black.


Yukutori wallpaper pattern at Hirshfield's
With its elegantly simple design borrowed from a Japanese pen and ink drawing,  Yukutori wallpaper creates a feeling of restfulness and contentment wherever it’s used. It takes its name from the Japanese word for birds taking flight as a group.


Amime wallpaper by Farrow & Ball
The combination of Amime’s organic woven pattern and a uniquely tactile printing method gives this paper an alluring depth. Amime takes its name from the Japanese word for the space between netting, while the addition of shimmering gilver – a metallic with gold and silver tones – combined with Green Smoke and the earthy Jitney, adds warmth and interest to this already captivating pattern.


Check out our F&B pinterest board for more metallic madness OR to see the entire line of handcrafted Farrow & Ball wallpapers in real life visit our Edina store or design studio.

Farrow & Ball Paint colors released in Fall 2018.

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