Farrow & Ball: Color Trends 2022

farrow and ball color card


farrow and ball color card

Color Trends 2022

Farrow & Ball color curator, Joa Studholme, shares her color predictions for 2022 and has chosen five colors that offer a versatile mix of function, form and comfort.

“There is something inherently human in the colors that we are attracted to for 2022 as well as in the way we use them,” says Joa in a press release. “They are an eclectic mix of the pure and the humble that evokes the warmth and harmony of a more innocent age while celebrating life today. Function goes hand in hand with ornament, using colors and finishes in unusual ways to celebrate the principles of utility, kindness and honesty.”

It’s a bolder palette than other 2022 Color Trends predictions released by paint manufacturers. But there does appear to be a common thread running throughout the paint industry and that is people are wanting to use colors in their homes that promote a sense of well-being, stability, optimism, uplifting and colors that are familiar, according to industry color experts.

For us in the paint biz, this is our favorite time of the year because everyone is talking color trends! Any guesses on which color Pantone will announce as their Color of the Year 2022? We’re leaning into red (insert shoulder shrugging emoji).


Stone Blue Paint color
STONE BLUE NO. 86  | Photo: James Merrell

A lively blue

This warm and timeless blue is named after the indigo pigment which was often imported in lumps in the 18th century. Stone Blue’s lively and saturated color can be used alongside warmer tones such as Pelt to create an inviting vintage look, or the cooler Mole’s Breath for a cleaner, more contemporary feel.


Farrow & Ball yellow paint
BABOUCHE NO. 223 | Photo: James Merrell

A cheerful yellow

Babouche takes its exotic name from the distinctive color of the leather slippers worn by men in Morocco. It has a cheerful brightness that will intensify when used in large areas, but it is always dignified and never garish. Babouche can be paired with Railings for a very modern but sumptuous effect.


SCHOOL HOUSE WHITE NO. 291 | Photo: James Merrell

A soft off white

This is the lightest color in the group including Shadow White, Shaded White and Drop Cloth – each created to look like white when used in deep shade. Pared back, timeless and familiar without the cool undertones of the more contemporary neutral groups, this soft off white is reminiscent of the color used in old school houses.


Breakfast Room Green wall color

                                                                                        BREAKFAST ROOM GREEN NO. 81 | STONE BLUE NO. 86 | Photo: James Merrell

A cheerful green

Breakfast Room Green is the most cheerful of all our greens, remaining lively in both bright sunlight or softer candlelight. Named after the usually east facing rooms designed for eating the first meal of the day, it is particularly beautiful in the dawn light. When used alone on both walls and woodwork it becomes incredibly striking.



A classic crimson

Our richest crimson originally takes its name from Latin, but is now a much used term for crimsons and reds. Similar to the deep glossy red used by David Hicks at Barons Court in the 1970s, Incarnadine is unashamedly classic and glamorous. It can be used to sumptuous effect in halls when offset with Tanner’s Brown on woodwork, or feel more edgy and graphic when paired with a bright white.


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