Expert Advice: Matching Undertones

Choosing color based on undertones.

Paint color can transform and revitalize your home. Color expert Kate Smith from Sensational Color realizes this and uses color to engage and create welcoming home environments. The undertones in color are an important aspect in paint selection that should not be ignored. Kate advises on how to match undertones when painting a room.

Reveal the Undertone

Take the time to identify the undertone. This hidden pigment can make all the difference in a room once the paint is applied to the room and decorations are added. There is the color that the swatch portrays and the undertone, which is revealed upon closer inspection. Prepare and plan for the unexpected pops of color that will make an appearance.

White is white right? Not so much. Even basic neutrals have undertones that influence what colors will pair perfectly with your paint. Oftentimes you will find a hint of yellow, green, or pink hidden within the seemingly plain color. Put the swatch next to other similar colors to see the variations in hues along the spectrum. This way you’ll find the cool or warm shade you were looking for that will accompany the other colors in the room. Identify your dream room color scheme in the paint store, not after it is applied to the walls.

Love thy neighbor. It’s important to consider a smooth color transition from room to room. Narrow your paint choices by choosing the same undertone of a color of the space adjacent to the space you want to paint. If one room is beige with a subtle green undertone and you want to paint the room next to it a blue-gray, choose a blue-gray with a slight hint of green undertone.

Choosing color based on undertone will make all the difference! Proceed with caution when selecting and keep in mind that ALL colors have an undertone. What seems like a safe neutral undertone can change and pop out under certain changes in lighting. Your perfect neutral beige may transform to peach once painted and lit up!

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