Decorating with Pastels

Easter conjures up thoughts of lilacs, pink bonnets, baby blue Easter eggs, and buttercup yellow chicks. Put those pastel colors to use in your home in a variety of ways. The soft palette can add a sense of spring to your home all year, with its light and airy feel. These rooms are great examples of how to use pastels in your home.

Want your space to feel more relaxing? Soft colors can provide a sense of serenity. Rest in rooms that utilize pale hues for a tranquil feeling morning, noon, or night.

Add warmth to a room without sacrificing style or sophistication. Mix muted tones for a look that’s soft and inviting.

Pastel colors are an excellent alternative to white and other off-white shades like cream and beige. Like white surfaces, pastel shades reflect sunlight, making them appear differently during the day. Soft tones also show texture from the reflection.

Use shades of the same color to add dimension and depth to a room. An assortment of pastel tones work together to create an overall statement within a designated area.

Pastel colors can serve as an accent to bold paints and fabrics. Lighten up a rich, chocolate brown with a light pink. Alternatively, liven up an otherwise ordinary white space and add synergy with a vibrant pastel pop.

These Hirshfield’s no-fail pastel colors will stand the test of time if you’re looking to add softer tones to your home.

*These color images are meant to serve as a guide and may look different on a computer screen. Stop in to your local Hirshfield’s to get the most accurate color representation.

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