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Cottage Paint is quick and easy – no stripping, sanding or primer needed! Cottage Paint adheres tenaciously to reclaimed, recycled or refurbished furniture pieces and dries to a matte finish. Achieve the “old world” look of French country finishes, the laid back charm of a beach cottage, or an English country cottage, with these amazing new paint colors and waxes.

Cottage Paint is a clay-based paint that dries to a silky matte finish and remains porous and easy to sand or wet distress when dry. This style has been around since the frescos in the Sistine Chapel! The paint meets environmental standards and has almost no VOCs in both the bases and the pigments.

How to use Cottage Paint

  1. Choose a piece of furniture that is solid and has good “bones”. Something that could look wonderful if it wasn’t for the less than fabulous color!
  2. Clean the surfaces with a damp cloth and TSP for tough dirt.
  3. Choose 2 colors, one that will be most visible as a top coat and a contrasting one that will look great peeking through the top coat. Or, you can let the original color of the furniture be the accent.
  4. Choose a brush that fits the scale of your piece.  Large synthetic brushes, around two inches, are good for larger surface areas. A 3/4 inch brush helps with intricate and small areas like spindles or table legs.
  5. Cottage Paint dries in about 15 minutes to one hour. BUT for a rule of – never do more than THREE applications of anything to a piece per day.
  6. Brush on one coat of the accent color followed by one to two layers of the top coat, leaving time to dry between coats. The first color doesn’t need to totally cover the piece, but the second color does.
  7. Use a damp cloth to rub off the dry top coat minimally exposing the under layers. The longer you leave it to dry, the more elbow grease you’ll need to remove it! If the original finish is glossy, let the top coat dry overnight or excess paint will be removed.
  8. Another method is sanding the corners or edges with sandpaper to give it the distressed look.
  9. Finish your piece with your choice of wax or varnish.

Top Coats

Cottage Paint offers a clear wax coat in three different sheens for a protective finish. For a tougher finish a varnish top coat can be applied. Also, included in the Cottage Paint products are colored waxes (including a liming paste) which will give your furniture that aged antique look.

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The standard Cottage Paint line has 50+ colors in 8oz. containers and any Hirshfield’s paint color can be mixed in quarts. In addition to the extensive palette of pastels and brights, imagine all the color possibilities you have just by adding white to a color.

The majority of Hirshfield’s stores carry the Cottage Paint products, but call your local store just to make certain before you make a special trip.

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