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We will thoroughly discuss your needs and ours for safety prior to our visit.


Color Consultation



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Color Consultation



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Hirshfield’s color stylists know paint color: all its potential and its limitations.  We’ll visit you in your home to get an overview of your spaces, your lifestyle and the personality you wish to convey.  This consultation considers the flow of color throughout your whole home, creating an aesthetically pleasing space, no matter where you look.



Choosing exterior colors can be even more daunting for the homeowner. The process is similar to interior consultations, but the discussion begins outside. Along with careful consideration to your likes and tastes, our color stylists take into account the architecture of your home, the surroundings (the neighborhood, your neighbors’ homes, landscaping, etc), your home’s overall construction, fixed colors and materials.  

Interior and Exterior Paint Color Consultations

In-Person Consultations

Painting a room or your entire house may be the least expensive way you can dramatically change the look of your home. But for many it comes with a high price: color anxiety.  If you are losing your way in the quest for color; agonizing over countless paint chips that are looking all the same; feeling overwhelmed at the amount of time spent on indecisiveness: then you’d be wise to enlist the help of a Hirshfield’s color stylist.  We offer interior and exterior color consultations from professionally trained color consultants.

What you will receive

in home color consultation
in home consultation

Professional Color Consultation

Our color experts will provide a paint strategy that will tie everything together by:

Enhancing your home’s decor through the use of well-chosen paint color;
Creating a beautiful space making the most of your furnishings;
Developing an entire color plan which you can work on room by room over time.

Color with Confidence

After the in-home visit with the color stylist you’ll receive Your Color Complements color plan or Color Selections Sheet which details all of the paint colors specially selected for your rooms, the product(s) recommended and the paint quality and finish required.

This plan can help guide color decisions to coordinate your spaces.

A $75.00 Gift Certificate

If you’re a member of our ColorClub program, when you purchase your $225 interior color consultation or exterior color consultation, you will receive a $75 Hirshfield’s gift card to use toward the purchase of your paint and supplies.

Create samples or pick up paint and color tools to help transform your space.

Meet our Colorists

Hirshfield's Colorist Jen
Vic Haukaas

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What our customers think

  • I finally got around to painting our family room over the weekend, and as you promised, the Ginger Snap looks incredible in there! So incredible in fact, that when my thirteen year old son (who as you can imagine doesn’t care much about home furnishings) saw it he said it looks like it came out of a magazine. It’s truly amazing the way doing a dramatic shade can transform the whole vibe of the house! Additionally, the way that all of the newly painted rooms flow from one to another just proves what a valuable service you’ve provided. (And don’t worry, I’ve been telling all my friends about it.)

    Thank you so much for all your help and patience–you are so good at this!!!

    Thanks again!