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Hirshfield's Paints Micro Palettes

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Overwhelmed by too many color choices?  Our Micro Palettes can help!  These color collections are professionally coordinated to make selecting paint and accent colors for your home simple and stress-free! 

Classic and subdued or bold and dynamic, there is something for everyone and every style

Combined with our 2022 Color of the Year Palette, there are four beautiful palettes to fall in love with:

Hirshfield's 2022 Color of the Year

2022 welcomes a new chapter. A collective wish for new beginnings leads us to thoughtful hues that support healing, reflection, and a sense of optimism. Our color of the year, the softly shaded lavender, Desireé 1219 is designed to express these hopes, and bring dreams of renewal to life.

To inspire you, we’ve designed four beautiful palettes featuring our 2022 trend colors, with Desireé at the heart of each. Within these, we hope you’ll discover your own vision for 2022.

Hirshfield’s Color Collections can help!

Our micro palettes are meant to help take the guesswork out of color selection.  You can use the colors offered here to create a color palette for your home that is well-coordinated and flows well from room to room.  They are also useful when it comes to finding coordinating accent colors!  

A good place to start is the 60/30/10 guide.  Essentially you want to have 60% main color, 30% secondary color, and 10% accent color.

One approach is to start with a lighter shade for your walls (60%).  Use a mid-tone color for draperies, rugs and furniture (30%) and add accents in a bold or dark color with things like art work, accessories, throw pillows, etc. (10%).

Of course you could also make your main color a deep shade like a navy (0634 Day Spa) or a charcoal (0536 Subway) and accent with lighter colors for a more dramatic effect.  This guide helps to create depth, contrast and interest in your space!

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