Blue, Blue, Blue, Christmas

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What to do with a roll of painter’s tape in December?

How about a friendly Christmas Tree Competition between Hirshfield’s retail stores?

The criteria are to make a Christmas tree out of one roll of blue tape. Throw in a dash of creativity, a splash of espirit de corps and here you have the  2015 entries to this year’s 3-M Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape Competition.

Hirshfield’s Coon Rapids is the winner of this year’s competition! The tree topper may have given their store that 3-M crisp edge they needed. Enjoy the show and thanks to all the stores who chose to participate.

Hirshfield’s Coon Rapids
Do you see the paint tray and paint roller on their Christmas tree topper?

Hirshfield’s Roseville
Hirshfield’s Alexandria
Hirshfield’s Hudson
So. Robert
Hirshfield’s So. Robert
Hirshfield’s Monticello
Hirshfield’s Maple Grove
Hirshfield’s Woodbury
Hirshfield’s Apple Valley
Hirshfield’s Baxter

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