International Ask a Question Day

In-home color consultation

What’s the easiest way to tackle that laundry list of home improvement projects you have posted on your refrigerator?  One at a time! March 14 is International Ask a Question Day, so we decided to ask the experts at Hirshfield’s to give us their pick for the one project they would tackle first in their home. Here’s what they had to say!

One gallon of paint will do wonders for most living or family rooms. These two rooms don’t tend to have a lot of actual wall space as they are most likely filled with windows, a fireplace, an archway, etc… So, I challenge you to find something that can make more of an impact on the appearance of your home. Spend 40 bucks on a super quality can of paint that can completely change the character of the room!
– Mark Masica, Southdale Hirshfield’s

My idea would be to replace old ratty carpet with a bamboo wood floor. Not only is it “green” but it also can lighten up a dark room. Picking different sizes of the wood to match the size of the room (larger the area wider the slats, smaller room means smaller slats) can create a whole new room.  Just be sure to use a good poly to seal the floor (Stays Clear, water based poly by Benjamin Moore is great). While you can stain some types, I like the natural look of the wood. For real impact you can’t beat new wood flooring!
– Mike, West St. Paul Hirshfield’s

My picks for a quick update would be:
#1 Updating paint colors-Possibly implementing fine finishes on one or two walls
#2 Updating lighting/hardware for cabinets
#3 Updating counter tops – does not need to be granite
#4 Updating blinds
– Kim, Coon Rapids Hirshfield’s

My suggestion for biggest impact would be to paint/redo your kitchen cabinets and/or woodwork in the house.
– Troy, Hudson Hirshfield’s

Don’t let your to-do list overwhelm you. Use this list of suggestions to narrow down which project you want to start on first. Be sure to stop in to your local Hirshfield’s if you have any questions or need help getting started!

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