6 Reasons Why Greige And Gray Are So Popular

gray paint swatches

Mention gray to many people, and they’ll think it’s drab and boring. But most designers consider it exciting. There are now so many shades of gray that its reputation of being cold or unwelcoming has changed as trending gray paints have taken on a warmer undertone that is desirable for any room of your home.

Benjamin Moore Color Stories Shades of Gray
Shades of Gray from Benjamin Moore’s Color Stories Collection

Want proof? Just check Pinterest, where gray and greige (a warm mixture of gray and beige) are showing up on everything from coffee cups to bath tubs. So, here are 6 reasons you should consider gray or greige for your next painting project:

1. Gray paint has taken a turn from stark and dull to warm and calming. Gray wall paints that include more of a yellowish or beige tone offer an inviting, relaxing, and neutral look.

Gray/Yellow Bedroom - HGTV | Photography by Emily Payne
Gray/Yellow Bedroom – HGTV | Photography by Emily Payne

2. Painting your walls a warm gray allows you to be creative and have fun with other colors. Whether you plan to continue with neutral shades (above) or incorporate bold colors (like the on-trend persimmon accents below), gray painted walls are complementary to any furnishings you choose to bring in.

Gray/Orange Bedroom – HGTV | Photography by Chad Jackson

3. Gray and greige are versatile. Whether you are painting an office, kitchen, guest room or living room, warm shades of gray are adaptable for any room in your home. The dark gray, below, contrasts nicely with both the dark wood floors and the white kitchen cabinets.

Gray and White Kitchen designed by Christopher Peacock | Photography John Bessler

4. Warm grays are timeless and elegant. A simple Midwestern bedroom takes on a touch of Hollywood glamour with the right shade of gray. With the mirrors, long gray drapes, and beautiful light fixtures, this bedroom has a luxurious and elegant feel that will withstand the test of time.

Contemporary Gray Bedroom - HGTV | Photography by Hedrick Blessing
Luxurious Gray Bedroom – HGTV | Photography by Hedrick Blessing

5. Because it can complement colors ranging from soft yellows to bold pinks and oranges, gray is the perfect color to paint bedroom walls for any age range. Light greige is perfect for nurseries, as it looks beautiful with soft yellow, blush, and baby blue. This teenage bedroom is painted a steel gray, a subtle shade that contrasting beautifully against the woodwork and shelving. It is also timeless, so as your teen grows, he or she will be able to change the décor without needing to repaint the walls.

Bold Bedroom - HGTV | Photography by Werner Straube
Bold Bedroom – HGTV | Photography by Werner Straube

6. There are shades of gray that can evoke whatever mood you are hoping to create in your space:

  • Grays with blue undertones are peaceful and relaxing, bringing the feeling of a calm ocean.
  • Grays with darker brown undertones can help create a cozy office or den and pair beautifully with dark furniture without being aesthetically overwhelming.
  • Dark, nearly black, grays are masculine and strong and can make any space look sleek and modern.

Overall, the trend of gray is here to stay. Stop into any or our Hirshfield’s locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin South Dakota and North Dakota to explore the limitless opportunities that gray has for the interior of your home!

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