5 Best Remodel Projects to do During the Winter

picture of floor tiles during winter inspiration

Winter months can sure feel long when you’re cooped up inside your home. Especially here in the Midwest. However, indoor home renovation can be rewarding and help those long months fly by. Here are a few remodeling ideas that can jump start you on your way to a newly renovated home by spring.

  • Kitchen remodels are not always easy, but the winter is a perfect time to get it done—just in time for spring and summer gatherings. If you don’t want to tackle a complete renovation, even just painting your walls or kitchen cabinets can completely renew an outdated space. Another kitchen DIY project that is simple but can make a big change is adding a new backsplash. Backsplashes can tie in color from adjacent rooms and make a huge difference  in your kitchen aesthetic.
before kitchen remodel


Kitchen remodel
  • Bathroom renovations are also a perfect go-to for winter projects. Old tile can be unsightly, so a simple way to completely transform your bathroom is to replace your tile with something new and exciting.
Encaustic tiles
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  • Redoing a bedroom is a perfect activity to spend your chilly winter days inside. Interior decorating can be fun and exciting, so spending time looking up inspiration and starting a room renovation project can be rewarding. And remember, redoing a kid’s room can be as easy as painting and changing the bedding!
  • Basement remodeling is definitely a larger task to take on, especially if your basement is unfinished. However, with the right tools, you can make an unfinished basement ready by the spring and storm season.
  • Even repainting a room can be a perfect indoor project to keep yourself busy and out of the snow.
    No matter the project, doing a remodeling project is a rewarding way to spend your winter months and get things done in time for the spring to show off as the weather finally turns in our favor.

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