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Lunch and Learn March 16, 2022
Lunch and Learn March 16, 2022
Lunch and Learn March 16, 2022
Lunch and Learn March 16, 2022

Highlights from High Point

Our Design Resource furniture team, Greg and Jean, perused dozens of showrooms spreading out to thousands of square feet of over five days. There were several common design elements that could be found throughout market:
1. Vibrant color
2. Bold pattern
3. Use of natural materials – Pencil Rattan being the most commonly used
4. Elements of Lucite throughout furniture pieces
5. The trend in furniture was for curves and softer lines
6. High back upholstery

Overall there was a streamlining of profiles and a casual, comfortable sophistication seen throughout. You can see what’s trending by taking a virtual tour of our vendors’ new fall introductions on this page and visiting our showroom. We would love to show you what’s new!

Lillian August New Fall 2021 Introductions

Lillian August High Point_Page_01_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_02_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_03_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_04_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_05_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_06_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_07_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_08_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_09_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_11_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_20_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_21_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_30_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_31_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_33_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_35_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_36_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_39_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_40_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_41_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_42_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_43_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_44_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_46_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_45_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_47_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_48_Image_0002
Lillian August High Point_Page_49_Image_0002
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Vanguard New Fall 2021 Introductions

VF VG_Group 18a
VF VG_Group 18
VF VG_Group 17
VF VG_Group 16
VF VG_Group 15a
VF VG_Group 15
VF VG_Group 14 (1)
VF VG_Group 13a
VF VG_Group 13
VF VG_Group 12a
VF VG_Group 12
VF VG_Group 11
VF VG_Group 10b
VF VG_Group 10a
VF VG_Group 10
VF VG_Group 9
VF VG_Group 8
VF VG_Group 6
VF VG_Group 7
VF VG_Group 5b
VF VG_Group 5
VF VG_Group 4
VF VG_Group 3
VF VG_Group 2a
VF VG_Group 2
VF VG_Group 1a
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Hickory White New Fall 2021 Introductions

Hickory White High Point_Page_25_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_32_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_30_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_26_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_24_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_23_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_20_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_18_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_17_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_16_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_15_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_14_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_13_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_09_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_07_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_05_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_04_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_01_Image_0002
Hickory White High Point_Page_08_Image_0002
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ARE YOU A DESIGN PROFESSIONAL and wish to set up TO THE TRADE benefits with Hirshfield’s Design Resource Showroom?  CLICK HERE to make application.

Showroom Hours:
Monday – Friday  8:00AM – 4:30PM

Hirshfield’s Design Resource Showroom
721 Second Ave. No.
Minneapolis, MN  55405
(612) 374-8901