Window Treatment Wednesday: Clean Your Window Treatments

Get down to spring cleaning this season with your window treatments.

It’s time to tackle spring cleaning tasks, and depending on your routine and available time, you may clean your home from top to bottom, hit a few “must dos” or simply be too busy to even think about it!

If you do have spring cleaning plans, don’t forget about your window coverings. They can really collect dust and need a thorough cleaning periodically. To give us tips on methods and recommendations for cleaning window treatments is Hirshfield’s expert Shannon Scarrella.

  • Blinds, Plantation Shutters and Other Horizontal Products: “On the many horizontal products that are out there, the Swiffer works great,” says Scarrella. “I’m also a fan of the dust clothes that are available. For faux woods, I take a slightly damp rag and wipe it across the slats.”

  • Draperies and roman shades: Although Hirshfield’s doesn’t have a set time frame for recommending how often people clean their curtains, normal maintenance does help improve their longevity. “Because draperies vary so much by material selection, from polyester to cotton to silk, there’s no standard cleaning method,” says Scarrella. “A vacuum with a brush attachment can help keep dust off of drapes, which typically hold more dust at the top where the pleats are.  So use your vacuum brush attachment to eliminate some dust, which will help protect the fabric.”


  • Antimicrobial products: There are some high-tech products available that stay clean longer and require less maintenance. For example, a post-weave treatment for ADO fabrics is called BioProtect, an antimicrobial agent that has a slow release over time. The fabrics have undergone extensive industry testing to ensure they’re safe for the indoors and for skin contact. These products are machine washable, too.

You may be feeling motivated to spring clean, or maybe not so much! But either way, it’s a good time of year to tackle those window treatments and get rid of the dust that’s collected. For even more tips and tricks on spring cleaning, visit our blog post here.

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