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Alta Window Fashions Cordless Lift Systems for Window Shades

Cordless window shades are a child-safe option that can offer an attractive and streamlined appearance for your home. By eliminating cords that can easily become tangled, you’ll enjoy a modern window treatment solution that enhances both your home’s safety and appearance. At Hirshfield’s, we proudly offer cordless window shades from Alta Window Fashions for homeowners throughout the Midwest.

The Cordless Lift Design by Alta Window Fashions

As a leader in cordless window shades, Alta Window Fashions offers innovative cordless design options that can be used on many of its different types of window shades. The Cordless Lift system, for example, allows you to gently pull down or raise your shades to the desired position without the need for exposed cords. In addition to this Cordless Lift design, Alta Window Fashions also offers a Cordless Lift & Lock™ design that allows you to lift and lower the shade while pressing a button to set it in place.

Additional Child-Safe Window Shade Options

In addition to the Cordless Lift and Cordless Lift and Lock systems from Alta Window Fashions, you can find plenty of other child-safe window shades for your home. Motorized shades and blinds, vertical shades that open from side to side, and shutters are some of the window treatments available that are cordless by design. Alta Window Fashions also offers wand control and retractable pull-cord options that are also safer than traditional cords on window treatments.

Explore Our Selection of Cordless Window Shades

If you’re thinking about having Alta Window Fashions’ cordless window shades installed in your home in the Midwest, the company to turn to is Hirshfield’s. Since 1894, we have been helping homeowners throughout the region find the right solutions for their home. Contact us today to schedule a personalized design consultation to explore your child-safe window shade options in detail.

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