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Are Room-Darkening Shades the Same as Blackout Shades?

Blackout window treatments are becoming an increasingly popular option for window coverings. However, if you’ve been looking around at your options, you may have come across the term “room darkening” as well. While similar to blackout window treatments, room-darkening blinds and shades don’t quite block out the light at quite the same level. True blackout window shades can block out 100% of the light from outside, while room-darkening shades typically refer to window treatments that block out around 95-99% of the light.

Why Choose Blackout Window Treatments

Room-darkening and blackout shades have a variety of useful applications. Many homeowners prefer these types of window treatments in their bedrooms, as blocking the sunlight can help create the best environment for restful sleep. Blackout window treatments are also great for rooms with televisions, as these shades can create a “movie theater” ambiance and eliminate any harsh glares that might occur when sunlight is streaming in through your windows.

Additionally, because room-darkening and blackout window treatments effectively block out so much sunlight, these shades also offer insulating benefits that make them an energy-efficient option for your home.

Hirshfield’s Offers Top-of-the-Line Window Treatments in the Midwest

If you’re thinking about adding room-darkening shades or blackout window treatments to your home in the Midwest, the company to turn to is Hirshfield’s. With more than 100 years of experience to our name, we have the top-notch products and industry expertise to ensure you enjoy a great customer experience. We offer blackout window treatments from many of the top brands, including Hunter Douglas, Horizons, and Alta Window Fashions. Contact Hirshfield’s today to learn more.

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