Natural Woven Shades

Bring Your Windows to Life with Horizon’s Natural Woven Shades

Natural Woven ShadesThe windows in your home serve a variety of purposes, such as letting in natural light and providing views of the outdoors. However, with the right window treatments, they can do so much more. If the current window treatments on your home are boring or outdated, consider turning to Hirshfield’s for an upgrade. We offer Horizons Natural Woven Shades collection which can instantly increase the aesthetic of your home’s interior while also providing a plethora of other benefits.

Horizons Natural Woven Shades Collection

The Horizons Natural Woven Shades collection is a high-quality shades collection that will add beauty and functionality to any room in your home. Available in over 150 different patterns and more than 350 fabric choices, these shades can be customized to meet your unique sense of style. This collection consists of the following styles:

  • Classic Roman – Simple yet elegant, this is our most popular style. This shade hangs off the back of the headrail and raises in soft folds, but it hangs flat when completely lowered.
  • Hobbled Roman Shade – This shade keeps it folds even when completely lowered.
  • Averte Natural Fold – This versatile option can be used on a window like drapery, on a patio door like a vertical blind, or even as a room divider.
  • The Twin Shade – This two-for-one style consists of a Natural Woven Shade in the front with a roller shade in the back that acts as a moveable lining.
  • Woven Side Panels – This beautiful option combines side panels with natural woven materials for a unique and stylish look.
  • Premium Woven Top Treatments – This is a collection of 10 stunning valances that are made from your choice of any of the beautiful weaves in the Horizons Natural Woven Shade collection.

Ready to Learn More?

If you think Horizons Natural Woven Shades are right for you, contact the professionals at Hirshfield’s today. We would be happy to schedule an appointment with you where we can answer any questions you have and show you samples of our options.