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Top-of-the-Line Vertical Window Blinds That Offer Privacy & Beauty

Vertical Window BlindsVertical window blinds serve three primary purposes: provide privacy, keep your home cool, and enhance your home’s interior décor. If you’re considering investing in vertical window blinds for your home for any of these reasons, turn to the professionals at Hirshfield’s. We are a family-owned company that has been operating since 1894, and in all that time have earned the respect of homeowners throughout the Midwest due to our dedication to providing the best products and customer service in the business.

Why Vertical Window Blinds?

Vertical window blinds are a great option for sliding glass doors and large windows. These type of blinds provide numerous advantages, including:

  • Privacy – While attractive, sliding glass doors and large windows offer a large viewing area that can infringe on your privacy. Our vertical blinds will allow you to cover these areas, giving you the privacy that you want.
  • Light control – Our vertical blinds can be opened completely or partially, allowing you to determine how much natural light enters your home. When closed, they will also help minimize heat transfer and make it easier for your HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Beauty – Available in many different textures, colors, and patterns, our vertical blinds can be customized to meet your aesthetic preferences and will add a unique element to your home’s décor.

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If you think vertical window blinds are the right choice for your home, contact the professionals at Hirshfield’s today. We would be happy to discuss our options with you and help you choose the perfect blinds to meet all of your needs.

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