Window Treatment Wednesday: Window Treatments From the Artisan Home Tour 2016

Stonewood Builders Artisan Home 2016
Stonewood, LLC.

We love to track design trends, and few places are better than the annual Artisan Homes Tour. It’s one thing to see a trend mentioned online or in a magazine, but the Artisan Homes Tour by Parade of Homes gives us a chance to see how they look — up close, and in person — and also see what interior finishes Minnesota and Wisconsin interior designers are using.

We shared an overview of the entire tour earlier this month, but this blog will focus on window treatment trends as seen by Cora and Judy from Hirshfield’s Shop At Home.

“Standout for me was the use of pattern in the drapery panels,” said Judy Ciacura, Hirshfield’s Shop at Home designer. Some of her favorites included: “Neutral background with navy or gray design, and the Moroccan pattern still seems to dominate.”

“A few things that stood out for me were the amount of woven woods featured in the homes,” said Hirshfield’s designer Cora Asp. “There were a couple of homes that had shutters in the bathrooms,” Cora noted,” and we saw lots of side panels as well.”

Hendel Homes 2016 Artisan HOme Tour
Hendel Homes 2016 Artisan Home

Hendel Homes Artisan Home Tour 2016
Hendel Homes Artisan Home 2016 – Stationary side panel and short decorative rod


Hunter Douglas Provenance
Woven Wood window treatment from Hunter Douglas


stonewood builders artisan home 2016
How long is too long? Stonewood Builders Artisan Home 2016

One trend surprised Cora a bit. “I was surprised how many side panels puddled on the floor,” she said.

We can’t show examples of everything we saw, since photos were not allowed on the tour. Cora and Judy both agreed the attention to detail was impressive in all the homes they toured.

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