Window Treatment Wednesday: Window Coverings for Your Sunroom

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How to add privacy to your sunroom with window treatments.

This time of year, most of us crave sunshine. We want to feel warmth on our skin, sunshine on our faces, light in our world. That’s one reason sunrooms are so popular. But at times you may want some privacy in that space, so it’s good to be aware of what window coverings work in a sunroom.

“The biggest consideration is whether the sunroom is used throughout all four seasons or not,” says Shannon Scarrella, a window coverings expert from Hirshfield’s. “We have many customers that do not heat their sunrooms in the winter months, or instead of windows they have screens—not operable windows with glass. The other question is what is the room used for? A TV viewing room is different than a reading room or eating space.

How homeowners use the space is key—that determines privacy needs versus a desire for a clear view—as well as what direction the windows face.

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“There’s a nice selection of products that allow you a view through while still providing UV protection,” says Scarrella. “These work well in rooms where privacy isn’t as critical and you want to maintain some view and light—after all, you do have three walls of windows. In that situation I would recommended Sunscreen Shades or Silhouette Shadings.”

If the sunroom is used for media viewing and homeowners only close the window treatments at that time, Scarrella recommends products that stack up nicely when not being used, such as Honeycomb shades, roller shades and Silhouettes.

“Sunrooms in Minnesota are often done in wood,” adds Scarrella. “Natural Roman shades will look great and keep that feel going. Personally, sheers or something airy come to mind when I think of a sunroom; they allow natural light to filter through while giving a sense of privacy. But most of this is decided by how the room is used and what overall look the customer prefers.”

If your sunroom is just that—a way to let the sun in—you may want to look into window coverings that allow for maximum sunshine with some UV protection and glare reduction available when desired.

Let how you use your sunroom be your guide when thinking of window treatments. Before long, you’ll be in your sunroom, soaking up some sunshine.

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