Window Treatment Wednesday: The Layering Effect

WTW: Layering Window Treatments

When you move into a home, you want to create a space that reflects your interests, style, and vibe. Through furniture, decorations, paint and little touches, bit by bit, it becomes your own. Another way to make a home personalized is by adding visual interest with window coverings.

Shannon Scarrella says that it’s common for people who move into a used home to add visual interest with window coverings. “Layered window treatments provide a finished look to the room,” Scarrella explains. “For example, maybe the home has honeycomb shades in a nice, neutral shade—this is great, but some people feel it’s an unfinished look. This is where panels and toppers come into play.”


In the Midwest, we see a combination of honeycomb shades or wood blinds with either decorative side panels or top treatments, such as fabric valances or cornices.


“They really help to personalize a space with fabrics, texture, pattern and color,” says Scarrella. “Side panels also help cover light gaps on inside mount treatments.”


Homeowners should consider the scale and size of the existing pieces in the room when determining how to layer window coverings. Thankfully, there are a number of custom options available that you can’t find at other local home stores. “If you’re designing for your house, you may need something unique for the space,” says Scarrella. “When going custom, a Shop at Home designer will work with you on the aesthetics and function of the window treatments—and we can work with any budget.”

When you’re settling into your new home, you want it to look and feel like it’s truly yours. Even if there are functioning window treatments, you may want to choose one of the available window coverings that add visual pop and a polished look.

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