Window Treatment Wednesday: Solutions for Off-Centered Windows

Window Treatments for Decorating with Off-Center Windows

off-center window treatments
Image from Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Off-center windows can make for decorating difficult. They make it hard to anchor big pieces of furniture, and can make a whole room feel lopsided. Window treatments can be used to your advantage as a centering solution. Beth, a Hirshfield’s Shop at Home resident window treatment expert, shares how to select window treatments for off-centered windows.

Window Treatment Tips

  • When looking for window treatments for windows that are not centered on the wall, buyers should look for drapery panels. These work best to disguise nonuniform windows because they can hide the wall and also fill in the space.
  • A split draw drapery style has the ability to move draperies on and off windows.  This versatile option can use any fabric. The three most common ways to design the header are:
    • Pinch pleated on a traversing rod.
    • Rings that can be hand drawn by pulling the panel.
    • Baton drawn, in which a rod is attached to the top of the panel and pulled across the window.
  • Off-center windows are unique and their window treatments should be too! Stray away from the standard. Use window treatments that extend to corners to hide window placement. Added treatments like valances and cornices with stationery panels hide inconsistencies.
  • If grandiose is your goal, make a window seem larger by bringing treatments high and wide. Add fabric to the sides to make it appear as if it is covering a large window. You can add a roller or roman shade above the frame to give more height.
  • Beyond window treatments, you can use art to help balance an area. Plants and pieces of furniture can add interest and equilibrium. Incorporate appropriate size and color palettes. The items can be places on the same wall as the windows to add asymmetrical interest.
  • For a defined and perfectly symmetric look, uneven window treatments can be disguised.  Create a mirror image by making window treatments the same size on all windows, even if they differ in size. The same treatment in length and look can help.

Don’t let a lack of uniformity through your room out of whack. If control is what you crave, bring everything back together by choosing window treatments from Hirshfield’s that will satisfy your need for symmetry.

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