Window Treatment Wednesday: Silk Panels

Cleaning tips for silk curtains.

Silk curtains are luxuriously fabulous. The softness and sheen make them appealing as a window treatment. The sensitive fabric does require special handling and care to keep the curtains in mint condition. Put in the time and dedication to keep your silk curtains looking pristine with these tips.

How to Maintain Silk Panels

  1. Remove the curtains from the rod. Simple enough.
  2. Washing. Hand-wash the fabric with gentle fingers. Use lukewarm water and mild detergent to clean the cloth. Rub the fabric in-between your hands to scrub, but absolutely do not wring the curtains. Rinse well and drain the sink.
  3. Vinegar solution. Fill the sink with lukewarm water and one tablespoon of white vinegar. This will remove any remaining soap spots and enhance the natural sheen. Remove from the vinegar solution and rinse again.
  4. Drying. Dry the silk curtains by laying them on towels. The towels can be rolled to soak up excess water. Avoid drying the towels in direct sunlight as this could cause the colors to fade. Too much heat will damage the fabric, so do not let them dry completely.
  5. Ironing. Iron the fabric while partially damp so that the silk is easily smoothed. Use the iron on the cool setting and iron both sides.

Maintain your silk curtains to keep them looking as luxurious as the day you bought them! Silk curtains are a great way to make any room feel instantly magnificent.

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