Window Treatment Wednesday: Sheer Summer

The perfect sheer window treatments for summer.

I am crazy excited for summer to get here. Like Olaf, the snowman from the movie Frozen, I dream about summer, hot sand and “getting gorgeously tanned.” I want to embrace every sunny day and be outside as much as possible. I think that’s one reason sheers are a popular Midwest window coverings choice—they let the sun in.


Today’s sheers come in a number of new, updated looks. “Sheers are starting to come with patterns—stripes and scrolls, for example,” says Shannon Scarrella, a window coverings expert at Hirshfield’s. “They’re also available in deeper neutrals, with many mid-tone gray options that go nicely with the gray tone paint colors that are popular.”


When you think about sheers in your home, they’ll work in any room. You may need to layer them with another window treatment in bedrooms so that you have adequate privacy and can control the light coming in for better sleeping conditions. “Sheers work great as a layering treatment,” says Scarrella. “There are many rod choices that allow for the function of two treatments—sheers behind with draperies in front, for example—to give you the best of both worlds. You have the ability to soften the light with just the sheers and the ability to control all of the incoming light with the top draperies.”


Scarrella loves to recommend sheers in condos and lofts, where sheer and semi-sheer materials can add a feeling of lightness and airiness. She also likes these design trends in office entryways that have floor-to-ceiling windows and says you can make quite an impact with a full wall of colored or patterned sheer or semi-sheer materials.


“In homes, sheers are great in more formal spaces and in sunrooms,” she says. “They also work well in rooms that have windows but not the best view.”

Scarrella says that sheers are more versatile now. “The movement with expanded pattern and color options allow sheers to go from traditional to contemporary,” she says. “That plus the right rod choice can really transform a space.”

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