Window Treatment Wednesday: Replacing Window Fashions

Roller Shade

Roller Shade

Keep your home looking fresh with updated window treatments.

It’s easy to fall into a routine, oatmeal for breakfast, coffee with two sugars, windows with blinds. If you’ve always had a specific window treatment in your house, it’s easy to keep it without thinking twice. An updated window treatment however can do wonders for refreshing a room!

On average, people replace window treatments once every seven years. When you’re out of the market for that long, you may be unaware of all the new and beautiful ways to decorate windows and control the light. Before you begin shopping for styles, consider these window treatment aspects.

What to keep in mind when selecting a new window treatment:

  • Is privacy a primary concern? For example, you may wish to cover first floor windows facing the street so the entire neighborhood doesn’t watch your family eat dinner. A second floor window overlooking a wooded backyard, on the other hand, probably has little need for privacy.
  • Is light control a high priority? Large windows can let in a lot of heat, which is desirable in the winter but a problem in the summer. The sun’s rays can also fade your furniture, flooring and walls.
  • How’s your view? If a wooded backyard is what you see outside your kitchen window, you would choose something different than if your view is the neighbor’s garage. You might want something to diffuse the light or allow ventilation rather than showcasing the view.
  • Are your windows the focal point in your decorating scheme? If you have a large fireplace, a baby grand piano or wide-screen TV or entertainment center you might not want to call special attention to your windows with a dramatic fabric. However, windows can add an important design element to a room when framed with just the right treatment.

Other important considerations include your budget, unusual window shapes and maintenance issues. Once you’ve prioritized your needs, you can focus your search for an appropriate window treatment. If you prefer, we’ll bring our showroom right to you. Schedule a free in-home appointment with a Window Fashions Designer from Hirshfield’s to find the right window treatment option for you.

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