Efficient Window Treatments for the Workplace

Office Window Treatments

My friend’s office is an atmospheric study of extremes: It’s freezing in the morning and heats up to an unbearable temperature in the afternoon thanks to its south-facing windows. She dresses in layers year-round and has a blanket and slippers on hand for the most frigid mornings, but wears light layers for the afternoon.

This week’s WTW is in her honor—there must be a better answer for her office’s climate extremes. We’re seeking advice from Minneapolis window coverings expert Shannon Scarrella about what can be done.

“There are many options that could work,” says Scarrella. “In the morning, she is probably looking to let some of the sun in and warm up the space, while doing the opposite in the afternoon. With her larger, industrial windows, sunscreen roller shades have multiple selections with varying openness factors.

“The challenge is the darker the color, the easier the view through, but darker colors absorb more heat.  There are more and more dual-purpose screens coming on the market.  One technology is called Koolblack—our Shop at Home division has access to it—that allows you to have a darker shade and easier view through but includes a technology that won’t absorb as much heat.

Other screen shades have a metallic backing, which also help to reflect heat out.

Scarrella says that screens are ideal for the workplace, with window coverings available in printed custom graphics to augment the feel of the workplace, whether it’s more corporate, artsy, professional or creative.

“There are millions of images, graphics and pictures that are available to purchase over the Internet, and these can all be made into roller shades,” says Scarrella. “If you can design it, it really can be created!”

I think my friend will soon be able to leave the blankets at home and enjoy an office that’s comfortable with an even temperature. Problem solved!

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