Window Treatment Wednesday: How to Wash Drapes

Clean your draperies for a fresh look in your home.

How to wash your draperies.
Wash your draperies with these tips.

Draperies that are regularly cleaned, washed, and maintained will look great hanging in your home for years. Keep your family breathing easy by removing dust and allergens from the fabric while keeping them looking fresh. Follow these tips for draperies you’ll want to show-off!

Tips to Clean Draperies

Make it a point to maintain your drapes on a weekly basis to avoid fabric that is dingy at best. Remove dust from the draperies with a vacuum. Use the soft brush attachment that is customarily included with your vacuum. Attach to the accessory hose and  sweep in an up and down motion across the fabric. A hand-held vacuum also works well for this task.

For deep cleaning, you’ll want to wash the drapes. CHECK THE TAGS FIRST. You may find your draperies are meant to only be professionally cleaned. Don’t do-it-yourself if the draperies are not specifically labeled as washable, the fabric is frayed, damaged, or faded, if the draperies are pleated, or if trim and other embellishments are not listed as color-fast. Once you check these details, you’re good-to-go to wash and revitalize your window treatment!

Steps to Wash Your Window Treatment

  1. Remove the draperies from the rods. DO NOT pull or drag on the draperies to get them down. The last thing you want to do is damage the fabric, rod, or wall.
  2. Carefully remove the pins and hooks used to hang the draperies.
  3. Use cool water and a gentle detergent to hand wash each panel. Use a bathtub for large drapes.
  4. Place draperies in the dryer with the setting indicated on the tag. If there is no setting listed, use the no heat or fluff setting. Be careful not to overload the dryer. Consider drying one panel at a time or using an oversized dryer at a laundromat. Overheating is a common cause for drapery damage, so err on the side of caution. One way is to keep it old-school and hang your draperies on a clothesline for naturally dried drapes.
  5. Lightly press draperies promptly after removing from the dryer. Use a cool iron and only iron the reverse side.
  6. Re-hang and admire your handiwork!

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