Window Treatment Wednesday: Floor-to-Ceiling Draperies that Make Rooms Look Larger

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Floor-Length Window Treatments

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Window treatments can add a lot to a space—perhaps a vibe of coziness and comfort, a contemporary feel or a bright energy—and affect the way a room looks and feels. Certain styles can even help a room appear to be physically larger than it is. One such window treatment is floor-to-ceiling draperies.

Andrea Mandel is a Minneapolis window coverings professional at Hirshfield’s, and she says that floor-to-ceiling drapes draw your eyes upward, bringing your attention to the height of the room.

“They add drama and elegance to a room,” Mandel adds. “Drapes can add softness and style to a room, [visually] finish it and make it feel more inviting.”

Mandel says that long curtains can go with any style and décor, from traditional to contemporary. In rooms with low ceilings, drapes can make the room appear larger and taller when they’re hung from the ceiling. For rooms that are spacious, you can use long curtains to add drama and uniformity to areas, especially if there are cathedral ceilings or two sets of windows, one above the other.

Today’s floor-to-ceiling window treatments are not your grandmother’s version. “Combining two fabrics is popular,” says Mandel. “Possibly a solid on the top of the drape and a different color or print on the bottom to give the panels interest.”

Fabric selection is key when choosing the right curtains for a space. “Be aware of the fabric you choose,” says Mandel. “With long drapes you don’t want fabric that may tend to stretch.” The material you choose should complement the rooms’ style. “Sheer fabrics can add freshness to a room, where a heavier fabric can add glamour. One must be aware of the weight of the fabric and choose a rod that can support that weight.”

Whether you want your room to be fresh and bright, cozy and warm, glamorous or professional, there are many window coverings available that can augment your vision and finish a space perfectly.

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