Window Treatment Wednesday: Creating a Hypoallergenic Environment

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Window Treatment Wednesday: Creating a Hypoallergenic Environment

Just a few years ago I developed seasonal allergies. What a pain—the itchy eyes, stuffiness, blowing nose—not fun to deal with. I never thought about how my window treatments could make my allergies worse or better until I heard about the topic from Minneapolis window coverings expert Shannon Scarrella.

Shannon explained that because mold and dust are some of the worst allergens in our homes, the right window treatment can make a big difference. Although any material can attract dust, products that are easier to clean are your best bet if you have allergies.

“Roller shades are a nice option,” says Shannon. “Many of the materials today can be cleaned with mild soap and water. If curtains or drapes are your thing, choose fabrics that are washable. Hirshfield’s Shop at Home and certain stores carry a line of fabric from ADO, and we have the ability to create window treatments, roman shades and vertical sheers with this collection.”

The drapes that came in my house are dry clean only—so guess how often they get cleaned? I can’t remember exactly when it was, but I do recall it being expensive! ADO fabrics are machine washable, allowing you to keep them clean and free of dust that makes allergy sufferers sneeze and their eyes itch.

If you really like horizontal blinds, there are a couple of good things to know about them. Faux wood blinds can be easily wiped down and come in larger slat sizes, so there are fewer slats to clean. Hunter Douglas shutters and faux wood blinds are soil and dust resistant (meaning that they do need some minimal cleaning but have been treated to repel dust), and their Palm Beach shutters have panels that are removable for cleaning.

Shannon says, “It’s impossible to make something 100 percent dust proof, but you can look for products that are easier to maintain or have been treated to minimize soil and dust. No matter what you prefer, regular cleaning is always recommended—make sure that what you select can be cleaned easily.”

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