Window Treatment Wednesday

HELP! What to do with these windows?

A customer (me) needs some window treatment advice for her family room windows. This room was painted just about a year ago (Benjamin Moore Gray 2121-10/ Acadia White AC-41) and I still haven’t figured out the windows. I keep thinking I’ll get to the store with my photos to discuss my options, but that hasn’t happened. So here goes.

Currently, I have Duette shades on my windows and I’ve enjoyed and appreciated the privacy they have offered all these years. My house sits very close to the street and the opaque Duette shades have prevented the Galdys Kravitzs’ from seeing into my home. I had a valance on the windows, but it’s not going back up.

My thought is I’d like to have some sort of woven wood shades. I like the added texture a natural shading brings to the party and I feel it will play nicely with the gray wall color. The room also has hardwood floors and carpet, and I’m hoping a bamboo, grass or reed shade will help tie in the different flooring colors.

Here are some questions I have:

Can I put up natural shades and also leave up the Duette shades for privacy in the evening?  Will they be able to function separately and will there be room?

If I can’t leave up the Duette shades would you suggest an inside or outside mount? I have approximately an 1 1/2″ for an inside mount.

Do any of the natural woven shades offer a privacy backing?

Will my windows look bare without a valance?

I’m looking forward to the recommendations by my very knowledgeable Hirshfield’s co-workers. I’m confident they will point me in the right direction and I’ll find the perfect window treatment which will meet my needs.

The impetus for finishing this project? Next on my list is a new coat of paint for my bedroom, which means the stained baseboards need to come off and replaced with the new and improved painted baseboard trim. I’m slowly (three years in) switching out the trim in my home. Home improvement? It’s a vicious cycle, but we all love it. Don’t we?

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  1. Shannon

    So I didn’t even finish reading the blog and already I had woven woods in my head, only to keep reading and realized that is what you were thinking too. To answer some of your questions.
    *You said you have 1 1/2″ of depth in the window. This is not enough depth for both a Duette and a Natural Shade. Let’s lose the Duette and do an inside mount Natural Shade (you have enough depth to mount this inside)
    *Natural Shades do offer privacy backings. I would reccomend the light filtering liner. It will give you privacy, while still allowing light to come through. The liners come in white, tan, cocoa and black coffee. We can make sure the liner looks good with the natural shade texture.
    *Natural Shades from our Premier Collection come standard with a 6″ valance. This will give a finished look to your treatment and hide the lifting mechanism behind it.
    *If you’re worried about your window looking bare, the natural shade will add some texture, which you didn’t previously have with a Duette. If you want to make the window even more of a statement, let’s add some stationary side panels in a bold graphic and metal hardware. The mixture of naturals, patterns and metal will provide a lot of personality!

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