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Decorative hardware can be used to enhance many different styles of custom window treatments. Any decor style from traditional to contemporary to casual or eclectic can be found to suit your decorating scheme. Choosing the right drapery hardware is not only important for the design of your treatment but also the function of your treatment.

Does your drapery hardware need to function so that you can move draperies with ease or do you need a pole to hang panels or valances from?

Photo by Toby Fairley

If needing to move panels back and forth there are a few things you should consider when selecting hardware. Heavier pinch pleated draperies are best suited for traverse rods which allows you to open and close your panels across a window by using a draw cord. These rods are typically supported properly, so that the rod can hold the weight of the drapery.

Drapery panels can also be hung by using clip rings, tabs and grommets. This type of drapery is hung onto a decorative pole and requires you to draw the panels by hand. One thing to consider is that if you have a wider window to cover, your rod should have a center support. Hand draw draperies will not move over a center support, so a one way draw will not work. Consider using this type of treatment with a split draw drapery. Hand draw draperies do not always move easily back and forth and require the user to “dress out” or fix the panels to look nice in their resting position.

Decorative hardware is also used to hang stationary side panels and fixed treatments like open swags. For this application there is a wide variety of holders, poles and end pieces or finials available. For the more challenging window designs, there are even specialty brackets that can create a bay or bow rod.

Photo by Amy Meier

Decorative drapery hardware is available in a limitless array of materials, styles, colors and finishes. Most decorative poles are constructed of wood, brass or iron and are capped at the ends with decorative finials. Selecting the right hardware can make or break the overall appearances of your custom window treatment. Many times I have been in a home furnished with beautiful custom draperies or valances and the overall appearance is compromised by unattractive hardware.

Working with a Hirshfield’s Window Treatment Specialist such as myself, you can achieve a custom home décor that provides a desired function with a unity of design. Call me!

Guest post from Andrea Mandel, Hirshfield’s Shop at Home

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