Window Treatment Wednesday

Cote de Texas

 A couple of weeks ago, Liz (Hirshfield’s Woodbury) wrote a great post on using draperies and woven woods in your home. After reading this post by Cote de Texas, you’ll see Liz and Joni are of the same school of thought when it comes to hanging window treatments, layering, and using draperies in your design scheme. It is personal preference, but both posts have good suggestions to consider when the time comes to change your window treatments. Joni also shows us how to turn a big, ugly window into a window with an elegant and updated look.

An added bonus is you get a peek into her beautiful Texas home, and a peek at some very naughty, but cute, dogs. Enjoy Messes and More Messes over at Cote de Texas.

3 Responses
  1. Dawn

    I’m loving how the natural fiber rug plays off the woven woods to add texture to the room. The mixed decor is awesome!

  2. Diane

    I like how the blinds are mounted at the ceiling to give the appearance of bigger windows… the room looks much more spacious.

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