Window Treatment Advice Needed

A customer (potential customer) sent in a couple of photos of the windows in her living room. She wants privacy, but still would like to see out of her windows. I asked a couple of Hirshfield’s window treatment experts to take a look and offer her some suggestions…check back to see what they have to say.

Thanks, Deb, for submitting your question.

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  1. Sanctuary Interiors

    Hi there , I understand the problems but not a big deal! A couple ways to treat this , you could put shades such as a woven wood that lifts up from the bottom that wat you could have privacy but still get light from the top or it can be closed all the way up. The casings are deep enough so the shades would be out of the way as much as possible. If you want a more intimate and soft look you could have an iron rod made to fit bay window and have linen drape panels made so they could be opened and closed. You would have a beautiful diffused light through the linen or open and see the view . There are so many options that you can make work No worries and make sure whatever you choose makes you happy !

  2. Beth at Woodbury Hirshfields

    I might suggest that the client look at the Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades. They are offered in various opacities. This option gives a more breezy soft look to the windows.

    Another nice looking choice would be wood blinds in a stain color to match the trim, or a high contrast like natural maple or traditional cherry color, or even a white painted wood for a cottage appeal. This treatment is more traditional and tailored looking.

  3. Becky

    The vignette by Hunter Douglas would look great in this window setting. Vignette is a roman shade that rolls up into the headrail and has a smaller stack than other roman shades. I would suggest using the vignettes 6″ tailored fold in a rich brown golden tone using the india silk fabric. The window has great depth so the shade can be mounted inside. Hunter Douglas has a $40.00 rebate per shade and Hirshfields is offering a free install on Hunter Douglas products. Great time to take advantage of these sales.
    Becky@Hirshfields Roseville

    1. Becky

      Sorry, I missed the part that you wanted to see out.
      I agree with Beth, but you’ll have to see if the Silhouette gives your room too formal of a feel. Before you discount the Vignette, take a look at it in the India Silk fabric.

  4. Wood blinds in the 2 1/2 inch “shutter” look would look very nice here! A more cottage look..as it appears to be on acreage looking
    at the farm field across the street! The casings certainly look deep enough and you would have a nice “view through” look
    and still enjoy the privacy when the slats are tilted in an upward position….we have that great progressive discount sale going on
    right now and the more you purchase, the better the discount on our Premier line….this 2 1/2 inch slat size also available
    from our Perspectives Woods and Hunter Douglas 2 5/8 inch Reflections…
    I like the vignette idea also, per Becky….consider the top-down, bottom-up option with the e-z rise cord that operates all options
    with one cord, plus the rebate from Hunter Douglas you can use right now.

  5. Lisa - Hirshfield's Maplewood

    Silhouettes sound like a good option. You can see out them and still get some privacy when needed.They also have a minimal stack.

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