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People replace window treatments every seven years on average. This means many people are not aware of all the new and beautiful ways they can decorate their windows and control the light streaming through the glass. The market has become both very functional and very fashionable. Did you know, for example, that you can use honeycomb shades to increase the insulation level of your windows? Or that sheer weaves are available that let you see out, but don’t let destructive UV rays in? 


Get quality sleep with our black out blinds and shades.  They can offer you the rest you’ve been missing out on during the day or night.

Budget Friendly

Find great looks for your windows at great prices. We offer top brands to bring you high-end designs without a high price.


Child safety is important to us and cords can pose a danger to children.  That’s why we carry a variety of operating systems to give you peace of mind.  Cordless blinds and shades also offer a clean look without the hassle and mess of cords in your windows.

Energy Efficient

Prevent Energy loss from your windows by maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home with our insulated window treatments.  They will keep your home from being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter all while saving you on energy bills.


Enjoy window treatments that can adjust themselves automatically, creating the perfect room ambiance morning, noon and night.


If you have an arch, hexagon, round window or any of those other intriguing shapes, don’t assume you are out of luck in terms of window treatments. Many of those listed above can be made to cover unusually shaped windows. 

Top-Down Bottom-Up

These shades are the perfect combination of natural light and privacy.  Protect your carpet and furniture from damaging UV rays, while enjoying the natural light pouring into your home.

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