Wallpaper Week: Eijffinger’s Uni Royal Book

I have deemed this week “Wallpaper Week.” Why? Because I have images from five incredible wallpaper collections to share.  According to our store personnel, more and more people are coming in and asking for help selecting wallpaper. I’m hoping you’ll see a room setting which inspires you to get excited about wallpaper. Whether you are a wallpaper newbie or always had wallpaper in your home, Hirshfield’s staff will help you find the perfect paper for your home and your personality.

When I see a new Eijffinger book on the shelf I know I’m in for a treat. For me, Eijffinger is synonymous with gorgeous patterns and happy colors. Along with the super-sized damasks, stripes, and arabesques, the collection offers coordinating plain and textured grounds. Who doesn’t need a wall of chartreuse snake skin in their home?

Customer be aware: The wallcovering libraries varies at each Hirshfield’s location. Call in advance if you are looking for a specific book.

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  1. greg

    Wonderful!!! I think what we have learned and seen is that wall covering has come a long way. It’s all about balance, some painted areas, finish techniques and some paper.
    I have been in the industry for 27+ years and the papers that are out and coming are getting better and better.

    1. Marsha


      We carry the Uni Royal book and can get the paper for you-I’m not certain how the pattern numbers run, but I can certainly check it out if it’s from the Eijffinger library. Let me know.

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