Wallpaper Wednesday: Scandinavian Wallpapers

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Scandinavian Designers II wallpaper book

Wallpaper. Scandinavian. Retro. This new wallpaper book has it all!

Ahhh – Scandinavian wallpaper! This collection features patterns from no less than five different designer icons within architecture and pattern design during the 1940’s – 1960’s. Browse through the characteristically timeless, geometric functional style of Arne Jacobsen, the decorative fairy tale patterns of Stig Lindberg, the Jobs sisters’ treasure chest of classic, flowery patterns and the stylish, sketched foliage of Viola Gråsten.

All of the patterns in the collection have a natural, colourful and imaginative touch that make them a perfect complement to the understated, clean Scandinavian interior design. Classic and contemporary have never been more to the point.

wallcovering by Scandinavian Designers II
The pattern with its stylized green leaves is one of the most loved by the Swedish people. The china was sold in immense quantities during the 1960’s and is considered an icon in Swedish homes today. | Wallcovering by Scandinavian Designers II

scandinavian designers II wallpaper
An exciting pattern of leaves, so airy you can feel the sky appear beyond the leaves. The wallpaper pattern is based on Viola Gråsten’s original textile sketches that she made in 1964. This wallpaper is carefully preserving the spontaneous and sketchy expression that was so important to Viola. A timeless design. | Scandinavian Designers II Wallpaper


Scandinavian Designers II wallcovering
Arne Jacobsen was a master at using simple shapes such as triangles and circles to create intricate patterns with both rhythm, pace and tone. Vertigo is based on the movements of semicircles and was first designed as a furniture fabric. | Scandinavian Designers II wallcovering


scandinavian Designers II
Scandinavian Designers II
scandinavian Designers II wallpaper
This beautiful pattern is one of hundreds of textile patterns designed by Arne Jacobsen and now preserved in his archive. Small triangles and semi circles form a braided pattern, which adds a cozy feeling to the wall. | Scandinavian Designers II Wallpaper


Scandinavian Designers II wallpaper
An amazing, blooming pattern with Lisbet’s characteristic style. The pattern was made in the 1950’s and the fresh, green plants keep a sense of summer in the room all year round. | Scandinavian Designers II Wallpaper

The staff at Hirshfield’s Design Resource raved about this collection. We hope you like it too. Head over to our Pinterest board Wild For Wallcovering to see more of these Scandinavian classics.

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