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Brewster Home Fashions Wallpaper Finder

“Discover the new way to shop wallpaper for every room in your home.” – Brewster Interior Wallpaper Finder – by Brewster Home Fashions

Offering seemingly endless possibilities and eye-candy galore, this is a must-download app to play around with when decorating your home. The pre-determined categories include:

  • Brands – Find the ‘usual suspects’ from Beacon House & Brewster to Warner Textures and Warner Studios
  • Collections – Think Artiste, Belgian Luxe, Layla, Pandora, and Virtuoso
  • Styles (e.g. kids, masculine and retro) – everything from zebra-striped borders to purple butterfly wallpaper, “Northwoods Lodge” to backgrounds and stripes
  • Product Types – Borders, paintables, wallpaper sidewalls, etc.
  • Themes – Here you’ll find categories such as: “Americana”, “Beach”, “Geometrics” or “Vines”
  • Colors – blacks, metallics, neutrals or pastels are but a few choices

But don’t forget the ubiquitous “Search” function which, in this case, is great fun.

Brewster Wallpaper App

For example, typing in “lilac” will bring up wallpapers, borders and more materials that contain some aspect of lilac, whether it be color, design or print.

“Country” – offered everything from farm scene borders to petite flower scroll wallpaper to “reclaimed wood and weather grey wash” wallpaper.

“Victorian” found – well, Victorian, florals – lots and lots of Victorian florals – wallpapers and borders, plus “Victoria Dollhouse Damask.” Highlights included a paintable wallcovering with cameo detail.

Each time you click on a specific pattern, it shows you a close-up, detailed photo of the product including: Pattern Numbers, Brand, Collection and a Full Description.

This is a great tool for searching through hundreds of colors, patterns, themes etc., and is definitely easier than looking through wallcovering sample books.

At this time, this unique and detailed app is only available on iTunes.

Download the app here: Brewster Interior Wallpaper Finder

For more information you can read this “In Pursuit of Color” blog post review: Looking for the Perfect Wallpaper Pattern? Now There’s an App for That!

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  1. I LOVE Brewster Wallcoverings and think this is a nifty app. Your blog has become a trusted resource of mine and I’m very thankful for your generosity to link to my post about this subject! : )

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