Hirshfield’s Colour Canvas 2012: Part 1

Color is the universal language. Throughout the globe, color is used to convey emotion, personal style, drama and storytelling. The interesting thing about color is the way it can be mixed and matched to create functional color palettes that compliment larger societal trends. The Hirshfield’s Colour Canvas 2012 collection features color combinations that harmonize with...
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Bits & Pieces: Emmanuelle Moureaux

Banking never looked so good. I ran across Emmanuelle Moureaux’s work over at Black Eiffel, and tracked down more of her work at her website. Her use of color, along with such simple shapes, bowls me over.
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Best Colors for Workplaces

Does your place of work make you feel inspired? Stressed? Sleepy? It can be more than just the pile of papers and clutter on your desk that can affect the way you feel at work. Color and design can also leave you feeling any variety of emotions that could affect your productivity in the workplace....
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Decorating with Pastels

Easter conjures up thoughts of lilacs, pink bonnets, baby blue Easter eggs, and buttercup yellow chicks. Put those pastel colors to use in your home in a variety of ways. The soft palette can add a sense of spring to your home all year, with its light and airy feel. These rooms are great examples...
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Freshen Up Your Home

This time of year we’re getting ready to settle in for the colder months in Minnesota. It’s a perfect time to fix up the yard and get the inside of your home in great shape. If you’re looking to sell your home, it’s even more important to get things sparkling. Much of the advice given...
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Color Matching

We all have a favorite color, that shade of green or blue or purple that just makes us feel good. But if you’re looking for Tiffany blue or Coca-Cola red for your next project, sometimes there just isn’t that perfect match in the countless options of paint chips available at the paint store. That’s where...
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Tinting Paint: Creating the Perfect Color

Finding that perfect color of paint for your next project doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Think of the possibilities! Shades of red can have a hint of orange to deep cranberry.  Blues can be anything from a cool turquoise to a deep navy.  There are even countless shades of white and cream! Hirshfield’s uses four...
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