Outside Sales Representative

Eric Creger

I have worked in the paint industry for over 40 years. Growing up, my father learned the painting trade at Dunwoody institute and eventually taught there. Three of his eight children, including me, went into the painting business. I worked with my father and eventually ran my own crew of up to six people, with work ranging from residential to commercial. My experience with my own business gave me great insight into what our customers need and has helped me provide the greatest service with Hirshfield’s quality products. 

I have been married for almost 30 years and have two grown sons.


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Why Hirshfield's?

Hirshfield’s is run like a family business. It’s a family I’m proud to be part of. The company has been a fixture in my life for decades, from helping my professional painter father as a kid to later running the business with him. I’ve worked with much of the Hirshfield’s product line. I believe in what I sell because I have on-the-job experience with a name that means quality.

Professional Experience

Years with Hirshfield’s: 4
Years in the industry: 40
Areas Served: Greater Twin Cities Area,  MN

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Primary Focus

Residential Repaint

If you have a painting need, I’ve likely come across a similar experience in my painting career. I have first hand Knowledge of the challenges in doing a jog right, big or small.

Commercial Painting

Hirshfield’s is unique in the painting industry with the use of 250-gallon totes designed for large projects. I can assist in managing the tote system and add my knowledge of the many ways Hirshfield’s can help with big jobs. My goal is to streamline your projects with expert advice and products.

Property Management