chris monyhan
Outside Sales Representative

Chris Monyhan

My main customer segments are residential repaint and property management. For the past 10 years,  I have had the opportunity to focus much of my time on the property management market. I work closely with independent owners and national multi-property ownership groups maintaining and updating color and product information for quick reference and simple ordering. I work with onsite staff to trouble shoot and recommend products for maintenance and remodel projects.

I also work with a wide array of floor coatings. Working on both commercial and residential floors has given me a great opportunity to work with and specify a variety of coatings from full chip systems, garage floors and commercial, metallics, solid color systems for clean room environments, and static disspative floors.I am also a Certified Mold Technician Level II Professional.

I began my paint career at the St. Cloud Hirshfield’s while attending St. Cloud State University.  In 2005 I joined the outside sales team at Hirshfield’s focusing primary on the south and east metro areas.

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Why Hirshfield's?

Hirshfield’s is a family owned company that has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. Focusing on long term growth has allowed me to grow business relationships and friendships with my customers. We are able, through Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing and our many vendor partners, to provide our customers with the correct products for each project.

Professional Experience

Years with Hirshfield’s: 16
Years in the industry: 16
Areas Served: East Metro and Western Wisconsin

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Primary Focus

Residential Repaint

Property Management

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Fire / Water / Insurance Restoration