Shady Deals

Silver Leaf and Gold Leaf combo with glass bubbles/baubles | Credit: Kathy Kuo Hoome, Vangaurd Blown Glass Bubble Droplet Traditional 4 Light Chandelier
Birdcage chandelier
Turquoise lamp
Lollipop Red lantern with Gold Accent Leaf | Credit: Lightology
Chain floor lamp | Curry & Company
The base is a reversed glazed process with a linen shade/cotton lining | Currey & Company

The design studio has some fabulous new pieces when it comes to lighting. Here are a few lanterns, chandeliers, and lamps available at the Design Resource Showroom. The styles and finishes are all over the board from gold and silver leaf, dark metal, to delicate and whimsy.  The staff favorite is the “bauble chandelier.”

This comes from Candice Olson on the importance of good lighting:

It doesn’t matter how much time, energy or money you put into a project. If the lighting is wrong you’ve wasted it all. Layering your lighting — overhead, accent, low-level — is vital in order for the room to reach its full potential.

She was also asked: If someone had a $1,000 dollars to spend on a room in their house what should they do?

Dimmer switches! I cannot stress their value enough. They can totally change the character of a room.

The Smithsonian Museum also feels strongly about the dimmer switch. Last year they accepted a donation of dimmer switches for the Natural Museum of American History.

Stop by and take a look at the new lighting and other ab-fab pieces that keep showing up on the floor. The design studio is open 8:30-5:00, Monday – Friday.

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