Judy Ciaciura

Mississippi Gardens

Mississippi Gardens is an event center located on the bluffs of the Mississippi River.  The owner was specific about not wanting the window treatments to overpower and distract from the river view.  In order to do this, Judy designed the panels in the lounge to draw the eye into the space and out to the river.  She shaped the tops of the panels and the medallions at an angle that went towards the center of the glass.  A room divider in the lounge breaks up the space for certain events.  The same fabric was used for the divider and the side panels in order to tie the room together.

Since the venue is mostly used for weddings, Judy focused on fabrics and designs that appeal to the modern bride.  Therefore, she used gray tones and neutrals that would not distract from the individual bride’s color theme and accentuate her gown.

The result was traditional elegance with a modern twist that did not overshadow the venue.

LocationMinneapolis, MN

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