300x300 Zenith

Zenith Waterborne System

Zenith Waterborne Pre-catalyzed Lacquer is a single component, high performance waterborne coating designed for finishing fine woodwork and cabinetry. The easy-to-use formula has outstanding flow and leveling characteristics, as well as exceptional clarity. It has been formulated with a proprietary blend of Axalta self-cross-linking resins to yield a finish that is extremely durable and passes all KCMA performance standards when applied and cured properly. This product is designed as a self-seal system and has excellent sanding properties. Zenith Waterborne Pre-catalyzed Lacquer is low in VOC, HAPS-free, contains no formaldehyde or isocyanate and is Greenguard™ Certified, so that you can be assured you are using a coating that is not only beautiful and durable, but reduces hazards to workers, consumers and the environment.

Zenith Waterborne Pre-catalyzed Lacquer is a broad application coating with typical uses such as kitchen cabinets, fine furniture, interior woodwork, and architectural millwork. The environmentally friendly formula also yields a finish that is perfect for children’s furniture and consumers that are sensitive to harsh chemicals. This product can be applied with the following equipment: HVLP, airless, or air-assisted airless. It is packaged ready-to-spray and requires no reduction before use.