300x300 Valguard

Valguard Conversion Varnish

Valguard™ Self-Seal Conversion Varnishes are super-premium post-catalyzed varnishes formulated to provide exceptional finish properties. With superior chemical, moisture, mar and scratch resistance, Valguard will pass all KCMA coatings performance standards.

  • Easy to use and apply with excellent flow and leveling characteristics
  • Very high solids for excellent build
  • Ready to spray after catalyzation
  • Superior mar, water, solvent and household chemical resistance
  • Superior UV protection
  • Exceptional clarity and gloss retention
  • Low in HAP’s
  • Ultra-low-VOC formulations available
  • Meets or exceeds all KCMA performance standards when applied properly
  • Compatible with Axalta Wood Finishes color systems
  • Good for all wood species