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Making rolls with Gramoran

I’ve never met a baked treat I didn’t like. Perhaps that’s because growing up in my family of 14 kids, our Mom’s love language was baking. And my fondest memories are of us together in the kitchen of our small home.

I have memories of sitting on the counter watching her rolling out dough for her famous cinnamon rolls, pouring pan after pan of fudge each Christmas and mixing the massive dough for her 10 dozen chocolate chip cookie recipe. She used a giant silver bowl (think industrial size!) and when I picture that tiny kitchen that produced such great things, I can see us there perfectly, and almost smell those delightful creations.

Passing on the baking tradition to my daughter

Now, as a mother of three, I am passing on those same traditions with my own children. At Christmas we fill our modern day kitchen counters with pans just waiting to receive the warm fudge – made just like Mom’s. As “Gramoran” to 35, she has “passed the bowl” so to speak, teaching her grandchildren how to painstakingly roll out the dough to make dozens of pans of her famous cinnamon rolls and how to make the Christmas fudge.

And even though my cookie recipe doesn’t make quantities over 100, I still use her recipe, my own version of the giant bowl and bake them on her 50+ year-old cookie sheet, that is imprinted perfectly with a template of 20 cookie circles from years of use.

It doesn’t matter if I’m in my large, modern kitchen or reliving memories of the tiny yet productive kitchen of my youth, these baking memories will outlast tangible spaces. And thankfully, the beautiful traditions will live on through my own children for years to come.

What rooms, colors, scents or sounds remind you of your mom? We would love to hear them! Please share in the comments section!

Gramoran making rolls with grandson, Dave

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