Magnolia Home Paint Introduces New Color





Photo Credit: Rod Aydelotte


It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since Joanna Gaines introduced her Magnolia Home Paint line. Just added to the palette of 150 colors is a new green called 1905 Green. This moody forest green is “the green” that tells the story of the coffee shop, Magnolia Press Coffee Company, Chip and Joanna opened up in Waco last year. 1905 Green is the color of the exterior of the building and is also used to cozy up the shop’s interior. The color name pays tribute to a minor league baseball stadium, Katy Park, that use to be where Magnolia Markets now stands, from 1905-1965.

“While working on the design concept for our coffee shop, I was flipping through paint swatches and found myself drawn toward two different colors — a deep blue, and a jewel-tone green. The idea of combining them to create a custom color is how 1905 Green came to be. I love the way this moody, dark green comes to life on the walls, balancing depth and sophistication with familiarity and comfort.”

– Joanna Gaines


Photo Credit: Danielle Jackson


The existing Magnolia Home Paint palette already includes 40 shades of green and 1905 Green makes it 41 — we’re guessing green is a favorite color of Joanna Gaines. This versatile green can be used anywhere in your home (walls and cabinets) or on the body or trim of your home’s exterior. Don’t forget the front door!

The newest Magnolia Home Paint color is  available in three premium interior sheens: Matte, Eggshell, and Satin, and in three premium exterior sheens: Flat, Satin, and Semi-Gloss.







Order a sample pint online or pick up a color swatch at your nearest Hirshfield’s today. Happy Painting!

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